Parents' Evenings

Parents’ Evenings are a chance to get a quick snapshot of how your child is managing in class. We make arrangements for a brief, 5-minute meeting with your child’s teacher. Usually there will be one in the Autumn Term, one in the Spring Term and a chance to meet with your child’s teacher after the end of year report has been sent home.

Information about when Parents’ Evenings are and how to book your appointment will be sent home with your child, posted on Class Dojo and shared in the News and Events section of this website.

In addition to this, or if you have any specific concerns or questions, all of our teachers welcome the opportunity to work with our parent community. You can contact your child’s class teacher in a few ways: the easiest would be to try and catch them on the door at the beginning or end of the day when you can make arrangements to meet; contact them through the “Messaging” system on Class Dojo; contact the school office requesting to meet with them.

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