Home Learning


As part of our homework policy, all pupils are asked to read at home. There may also be other activities as decided by the teacher and this may vary depending on the year group.

The main homework activity that we encourage from all pupils is a creative activity that pupils can share with their class each term.

Pupil Devices

As an exciting new addition to our school, during the Autumn Term, all of our pupils in Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – Year 6) will be provided with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet by the school. This tablet is for use in the classroom and at home to benefit their learning experiences.

We have started to allocate tablets to pupils for use in the classroom now, and most of the pupils in Key Stage 2 have got access. Soon it will be time to allow pupils to take them home. Before we can do that, we need parents to complete the Acceptable Use and Loan Agreement. If you would like to see the original letter about this, click on the button below.

To complete the Acceptable Use and Loan Agreement, you can either click on the button below, or complete the form directly on the website below.

Home Learning Apps and Websites

On the Padlet below, there are lots of links to useful websites that can support our pupils in learning at home.

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