Welcome to Reception RH

Our class teacher – Mrs Kerr

Our class identity - Kangaroos 

We would like to welcome all children into Reception this year and are very impressed with how well they are all progressing.  They are becoming increasingly independent, having become familiar with classroom rules and routines, learning how to dress themselves, share resources, count, read, write and so much more! 

Staff in Reception 

Miss Khanum - Class Teacher (RK Class)

Mrs Kerr - Class Teacher (RH Class)

Mrs Waterhouse - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Butler – Teaching Assistant

Miss Simpson – Apprentice

Miss Naylor - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Butterworth – Teaching Assistant

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to talk to your child's Key Worker.  


At the start of the year your child came home with a diary. Within this diary please feel free to write any questions or queries that you might have and a member of staff will write back you.  We will use them to report if there have been any incidents involving your child or if they have done something outstanding.  

General reminders

We ask that all school uniform is labelled with your child’s name. This includes t-shirts, shirts, trousers, skirts, shoes, jumpers and cardigans etc. Many children wear clothes of similar sizes so this is extremely important as it ensures belongings go home with the correct children.

Water bottles and lunch boxes must also be labelled with your child’s name. Diaries need to be signed weekly by a member of the family on a Friday.

At the end of the day parents must wait patiently until their child’s name is called. This is a very busy time in Reception and it is important for staff to make sure children reach the right adults safely.