The curriculum at Lower Fields is a cross-curricular topic based approach. Each topic is designed to allow children to make links across different subject areas in inspiring and meaningful contexts. The schemes of work reflect the content and challenge of the 2014 curriculum but also aim to develop children’s skills for life-long learning.

Each topic may incorporate a number of different subject areas but will be driven by one key subject from either History, Geography or Science. An exciting hook is planned to launch each topic which is designed to engage and stimulate the children’s interest. At the end of the topic the work is celebrated and shared with parents in an assembly or other context.

The Delivery of Our Curriculum

To deliver the curriculum teachers employ a variety of teaching methods and styles. Pupils are taught as a whole class, in small groups, and as individuals depending on the needs of the pupils and the learning objectives and themes. Pupils may be grouped by ability, friendship, interest, age, or placed in mixed ability groups, depending on what is being taught. This variety of approach allows teachers to match curriculum based tasks to the ability and interest of individual pupils.


  • Make English and Mathematics our highest priority whilst covering a wide range of subjects and topics to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum, promoting creativity and enquiry
  • Actively promote strong values, tolerance, respect and high quality Personal, Social and Health Education to prepare children positively for life in modern Britain
  • Use themed weeks to encourage whole school participation, based on national initiatives along with local interest projects
  • Promote a respect for and an interest in nature and a love of the outdoors using the schools grounds as a valuable resource

At the bottom of the page are document showing an overview of the topics covered within each year group. Further information and detailed plans for each half term can be found on individual class pages.

Development of Curriculum

It is our intention to regularly revisit the curriculum, adapting and changing content and delivery based on research, best practice and feedback from teachers and Key Leaders. This process of development will ensure that we always remain focused on what is best for our learners and never become complacent.

If parents would like any further information regarding the curriculum, please contact the school office by email or telephone: or 01274 770312

Our STARS Code of Conduct:  

Sensible and safe

Trying hard

Achieving success

Respecting and caring

Starting on time, being here every day  

We behave sensibly and safely at all times

We try hard with everything we do.

We achieve success through hard work

We respect ourselves and others and care about our school

We start school and lessons on time and try to be here every day

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