British Values / SMSC

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development including British Values

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils including the development of understanding of modern British Values is intertwined with our school motto of being a STAR. It is threaded throughout the curriculum and pastoral work of the school to support all children to thrive academically and personally.

This is a school where the wide range of backgrounds, cultures and beliefs are represented are very much celebrated and welcomed. OFSTED 2014

Spiritual Development

The curriculum at Lower Fields is planned to build children’s capacity to imagine, reflect, create and enjoy the fascination of learning about themselves, others and the world around them.

Learning to care about and respect other peoples’ feelings, values, faith and belief is at the heart of our work and is planned into many areas of our curriculum especially English, RE, Geography, PSHCE, History and assemblies.

Moral Development

We take every opportunity we can to equip our children to be thoughtful, active, caring citizens in school and wider society.

The way we thread being a STAR into pastoral and curriculum work supports our children to gain a deeper understanding of right and wrong and the importance of values, morals and positive choices in life to keep themselves safe.

Coram Life Education curriculum continually offers opportunities to think and debate big questions in a considered way and show respect for other’s ideas and points of view.

Social Development

We deliberately create a wide range of contexts for our children to work and collaborate together in our clubs and the opportunities we create for children to support other children in school such as Reading Buddies and Phonic Friends.

Cultural Development

Over time our curriculum builds an authentic and meaningful understanding and appreciation of culture starting with themselves and others in school and extending beyond their own experience as an essential preparation for their future.

Books, stories, educational visits and visitors and lessons across the curriculum foster this fascination in learning to understand and respect diversity locally, nationally and globally.

Developing an understanding of British Institutions including the monarchy.


Pupils at Lower Fields develop an early concept of democracy through the School Council, at which elected class members represent their peers. Pupil Voice has impacted visibly on recent school improvements such as staff appointments, the development of the playground and the new behaviour policy. Pupils can see the influence of pupils' views on the school decision making process.

Our pupils know their individual voice and opinions matter to us and that adults listen carefully to their ideas, thoughts and concerns. Each child is allocated a key worker and children have the opportunity to build positive relationships with them. Children’s views impact on and shape our plans and we believe this builds their understanding of life in a democracy where everyone’s views count.

Rule of Law

Being STARS represents our values of being Sensible and safe, Trying hard, Achievement and Respecting and Caring and Starting on time. Pupils live our values every day, you can't always see it, but it is always there. School rules are clearly understood by pupils and are reinforced by being STARS and by a consistently applied whole school behaviour policy.

All pupils are involved in the negotiation of individual classroom rules during transition week, at the start of each year, when the rationale behind rules is explored, along with a discussion of consequences in the event of rules not being observed. This process is reinforced in PSHCE lessons. Our pupils learn that being STARS is for everyone - adults and children alike - and we link this to the idea that the rule of law applies to everyone in a country.

An appreciation of the rule of law in society is cultivated through visitors, eg community police workers, themed assemblies and the broad-ranging curriculum.

Individual Liberty

The school ethos of being STARS reinforces the rights of all pupils to exist in a safe environment where they are free to learn. PSHCE teaching develops an understanding of pupils' rights and the increasing entitlement to self-determination in their lives, linked to an awareness of the responsibility to respect the rights of others.

The curriculum allows the study of key historical events, for example during Black History Week and Remembrance Day Commemorations, children develop an understanding of the preciousness of individual liberty and the sacrifices that have been made in its name.

Respect for Diversity

Celebration of diversity is at the forefront of our curriculum, with pupils of all ages introduced to the richness and variety of world culture through our curriculum which develops an increasing respect for difference. The RE curriculum and assemblies introduce pupils to the beliefs and celebrations of different faith groups. Leaders from the different faith groups have delivered assemblies. We also welcome visitors into our school on a regular basis.